Benefits of Twitter for Fast Food Restaurants

Twitter is one of the most used social media sites with over 316 million active users. For marketers, that means being able to reach millions of people fast and for a low cost. It’s a site that is in the moment and is used to get current news and updates. The majority of users on Twitter are from the younger generations, which means there is a lot of opportunities to reach the fast food target audience.

One big reason that the fast food industry benefits greatly from twitter is because they can quickly interact with their customers. With a single tweet they can get them to think about their restaurant when they go get food. Another advantage that twitter has for interacting with their customers is that they have the ability to use it as a customer service tool. For people who would rather not have to call customer service to complain or leave a comment, they can just tweet at them. With a personalized tweets, the restaurant can get back to the person right away. The response can also make the customer feel more connected with the restaurant. Even without a response, 85% of people feel more connected with the brand from just following them on twitter.

Twitter is free to use, so promoting their food with a tweet can be quick and easy to reach the exact audience that they want. Having a twitter account is also less cost effective and is easier to quickly connect with their target audience. Tweets do not take up a great deal of time as traditional marketing would take to create. So any restaurant or B2C business that says they don’t have time for social media is missing out on a big opportunity to grow their business. 

With an audience of young adults, they also have the opportunity to be witty and humorous. Twitter users at that age tend to want to follow humorous accounts which helps keep their brand in their target market’s minds. Even if the business wants to tweet in a formal and professional way, people will still end up following the brand. The average user on Twitter follows at least 5 brands and a quarter of people who are on twitter are from the age range of 18-34. So not utilizing Twitter would only hurt a fast food restaurant.