3 Things That Should Have Stayed in 2016

2016 was a year to remember although most people would rather want it to be a year to forget. Whether it was because of the Harambe or the election, everyone seemed to mark 2016 as the worst year ever. For me, it was the best year of my life. I turned 21 years old and the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. What more could I ask for? Although I do agree with leaving some trends behind in 2016.

Boomerang Camera

The boomerang camera started to pick up later in the year but is one trend that should have started and ended in 2016. Just about every Instagram story is a boomerang and makes be feel like I’m looking at a newspaper from Hogwarts. Can we all just go back to just taking pictures or videos?


Single Season Netflix Shows

Netflix has been making shows of their own and become very popular. The 8 episodes of Stranger Things were great, for a day. It’d be great if they could release one episode a week so that I don’t watch an entire season in one day then have to wait over a year to watch the next season. The real treasures of Netflix are shows that no one heard of until the show was 7 seasons deep already. If Netflix can do that somehow, that would be a great thing to start doing in 2017.

Taking an “L”

Just about every college student, me included, has used the caption of “Took an L last night but…” for an Instagram caption. It was a great caption to use for someone who went out the night before and probably drank too much. The caption originated from the song “Bounce Back” and has been over used ever sense. It should be left in the song and not your Instagram caption.