How Friends and HIMYM are basically the same show

These two shows are definitely in my top 3 favorite sitcoms of all time. Even though they are basically the same shows just made a few years apart, I still love them both. The bigger similarities are within the setting and characters.

The Setting

Both shows take place in New York City and hang out at either at a coffee house or bar that they live on top off. The characters are all in their mid-twenties and just trying to get to their dream jobs.

The Characters

Ted Mosby and Ross Geller

ross and ted

Both Ted and Ross are the nerdy guys that loves to correct people and started out working in offices in their field of studies. Then later, they ended up being professors at a school in New York. As professors, they both ended up dating one of their students. They both go have an on and off relationship with the pretty girl that both come into their lives in the first episode.

Rachel Green and Robin Scherbatsky

Again, both come into the group of friends in the first episode and have a thing with the nerdy guy. After trying to date the nerdy guy they eventually tried dating the guys who were seen as the player guy who gets around. They both but their career first instead of their personal lives. At the end of the show, they end up with the nerdy nice guy. (sorry for the spoiler)

Chandler Bing and Marshell Erikson

download (1)

They both meet their nerdy best friend in college. At first, they both hate their jobs and keep trying to get what they really wanted to do for a job. They both are married to the mom like figure in the show.

Lily Aldrin and Monica Geller

The mom figure of the group is always giving advice and is good at cooking. They are both married to the funny guy of the group and have problems when they try to start having kids.

Joey Tribbiani and Barney Stinson

They player of the group is all about getting with women and not getting attached. They both have lines to flirt with girls and want to get with the new girl in the group but don’t want to at first because of the nerdy guy pasts. They then get with the girl but doesn’t work out in the end. Both guys officiated the mom and the funny guys’ wedding.



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