College as Told by ‘The Office’

Even though college has very little to do with the show “The Office” but it is one of the most relatable shows for a college student. The situations that they get into are very similar to what a college student would get into. As much as I want to deny it, I have come to realize that I have become very similar to Michael Scott in the past four years of college.

  1. When you check your bank account after a night out at the bars.


2. Leaving the library after studying for 10 hours.


3. Trying to put your life together on Sunday.


4. When the professor asks “Does everyone understand?”


5. When you find out you didn’t fail your exam.


6. But then you check D2L and look at your other grades.


7. Then you get an email from your professor saying the exam will be curved.


8. When the group project leader texts you to finish your part even though it’s not due until next week.


9. When you check Snapchat the morning after going out and see that you snapchated people you haven’t talked to in 6 years.


10. When no one knows what the plan is for the weekend.


11. When the keg is tapped and you just showed up.


12. When you realize it’s already senior year and about to graduate.


13. All the under agers at a party when the cops come.


14. Trying to connect with the freshman as a senior


15. When there’s a word count requirements for your paper.


16. When you get your first job offer.


Author: mikeconwayblog

Senior at University of Wisconsin-Whitewater majoring in Marketing with emphasis in Digital Marketing.

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