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What I’ve learned in my 4 years of College

These past four years has been the best years of my life. If I could redo anything, I would not change a thing. Not only did I learn from inside the classroom, but I learned much more outside of it.

How to “just do you, man”

The best advice I have ever received was in my sophomore year I was pledging a fraternity. We were practicing on our homecoming skit and when we asked the active that made up the skit if we should do a certain thing he would always just tell us to “just do you, man.” He would say this often in other circumstances, but when he said it to me the first time it stuck with me. I know that it doesn’t really sound like advice but I thought about it and in life sometimes you just have to do what you think is best and not do what others are expecting you to do. This advice is what I would tell anyone who is going into their freshman year of college because college is really four years (or five) of being on your own and doing what you think is best for you.

How to manage time

Time management is something that you really have to focus on in college especially if you become involved with organizations, sports, or jobs. Although no one is perfect with time management, it is something that helps get through college and life after college.

What I want to do with my life

Most people will tell you that you will switch your major a couple of times throughout the first year or two of college. This is usually true and is why it is helpful that you don’t dive right into all of your major’s courses. Everyone has at one point in their freshman year ask why they have to take classes like World of the Arts and a science class when they aren’t majoring in anything close to science. To be honest, I like that I didn’t go right into my major’s classes because I still needed to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with my life. There is no way that I would have been ready to go into the work force after two years. I have been here for four years and I still feel like I am not ready to leave.  If a four year college was done in two years, I wouldn’t have learned all that I did outside of class that helped make me become ready for after college. Just as Ferris Bueller would say, “life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in awhile, you could miss it.” Four years of college does go by as fast as people say, so take in all that you can so that you can really figure out what you wanna end up doing for the rest of your life.



How Friends and HIMYM are basically the same show

These two shows are definitely in my top 3 favorite sitcoms of all time. Even though they are basically the same shows just made a few years apart, I still love them both. The bigger similarities are within the setting and characters.

The Setting

Both shows take place in New York City and hang out at either at a coffee house or bar that they live on top off. The characters are all in their mid-twenties and just trying to get to their dream jobs.

The Characters

Ted Mosby and Ross Geller

ross and ted

Both Ted and Ross are the nerdy guys that loves to correct people and started out working in offices in their field of studies. Then later, they ended up being professors at a school in New York. As professors, they both ended up dating one of their students. They both go have an on and off relationship with the pretty girl that both come into their lives in the first episode.

Rachel Green and Robin Scherbatsky

Again, both come into the group of friends in the first episode and have a thing with the nerdy guy. After trying to date the nerdy guy they eventually tried dating the guys who were seen as the player guy who gets around. They both but their career first instead of their personal lives. At the end of the show, they end up with the nerdy nice guy. (sorry for the spoiler)

Chandler Bing and Marshell Erikson

download (1)

They both meet their nerdy best friend in college. At first, they both hate their jobs and keep trying to get what they really wanted to do for a job. They both are married to the mom like figure in the show.

Lily Aldrin and Monica Geller

The mom figure of the group is always giving advice and is good at cooking. They are both married to the funny guy of the group and have problems when they try to start having kids.

Joey Tribbiani and Barney Stinson

They player of the group is all about getting with women and not getting attached. They both have lines to flirt with girls and want to get with the new girl in the group but don’t want to at first because of the nerdy guy pasts. They then get with the girl but doesn’t work out in the end. Both guys officiated the mom and the funny guys’ wedding.


FAQ About Greek Life


Greek life tends to always have a bad reputation and now also tends to have a lot of sorority girls blogging about how it shouldn’t have a bad reputation. So with that said, I will keep this as unbiased as possible given that I am in a fraternity.

Are you really “Paying” for your friends?

Yes and no. The majority of the organizations have some sort of dues. Joining any organization on campus will help you gain the friends you will have throughout college and most likely for the rest of your life. Greek life has just been known to have more expensive dues. The majority of the dues for greek life goes to headquarters and the rest is usually put back to the chapter. It pays for things for brotherhood/sisterhood events, t-shirts, socials, intramurals, formals, and few other smaller things. Most guys were apart of a sports and created a brotherhood like bond and want that in college too but without playing on the varsity team in college. So yes you do have to pay to be apart of greek life which you also happen to meet lifelong friends but that can happen in any organization that also has dues.

Does Greek Life Party All the Time?

Again, yes and no. I say yes because there are chapters that throw parties every weekend or are seen drinking all the time. But if you had a group of college students that have nothing to do but drink, why wouldn’t they go to happy hour or have a party at their house? Again, most organizations and sports teams will rent houses together and will host parties and will drink just as much. I also say no because there are also chapters that pride themselves on the fact that they don’t party and would rather study and or play video games all the time. Which is not a bad thing. Whatever that chapter sees as a great day/night is on them. As they say, we are all “adults” and should be able to do what makes us happy and if that’s what is fun for them, why should it matter if the rest of the school is at a bar drinking till they forget where they are? The best advice I have gotten since I have been in college or for that matter been in greek life is, “Do you, man.” College is the perfect place to do just that and do whatever you want to do. If that means drinking all the time or not, college students have the right to decide to do what they think is fun.

Also side note, I hear all the time that people think that sororities throw parties. This is 100% wrong for national sororities. Most aren’t even allowed to have alcohol or guys in the house. Some local sororities can get around rules but still don’t have parties like the movies show. 

Does Greek Life distract from school work?

Going to say it again and say yes and no. I say yes because there are times where a group of guys ask if you want to go do something like basketball, drink, or just go out to eat and you’ll go and do that when you should be studying. Also going to the library can be very tough to do. Every time I go to the library, it is usually with a friend or two and then we’ll see a few other people to sit with. Which ends up just being very hard to focus on what you went there to do. But at least you can tell your parents you were at the library all day. On the other hand, there is a very good chance that you know at least one person in your class because of greek life and that will help you out a lot for group projects, studying, and just having someone to talk to in class. You will also have older guys who have already taken the course or are majoring in the course you are in and can help you out if you need it. With there being a lot of events, meetings and other things to attend to being in greek life, time management is huge. Time management is something you either learn how to do or you don’t and you aren’t able to do both school and be involved.

What’s the difference between ‘Frat’ parties and random parties?

Fraternities have to be very careful about who is at their house during house parties. They all have a reputation to hold and someone not affiliated with the chapter can ruin the whole chapter. So why risk having random people at the house if it means they could single handedly bring down the whole chapter. The random people could break, steal, hurt themselves, be creepy to women, or drink too much then leave and hurt themselves outside then tell the cops they did it at the fraternity house. So because of that, the saying “who do you know here, bro?” saying started and is not what you think when people say anyone can get in. I did not rush my freshman year so I have been to random house parties and compared to fraternity parties, they are completely different. At random parties the only people you know there are the people you came with and maybe a few people you kinda know from class. With that said, there are over 50 people that you don’t know. For the most part, everyone knows everyone at fraternity parties so if anyone sees anything bad happening, it’ll most likely be stopped right away. Most chapters will also have sober monitors and can monitor the party and drive anyone who needs a ride to prevent anything happening to them on the way home and drunk driving. I am also over 21 years old and can confirm that the bars are very similar to random house parties except that the cops don’t shut it down at 11pm. So to answer the question, fraternity parties are more safe than to go to a random house party and are still more fun because of that.

Benefits of Twitter for Fast Food Restaurants

Twitter is one of the most used social media sites with over 316 million active users. For marketers, that means being able to reach millions of people fast and for a low cost. It’s a site that is in the moment and is used to get current news and updates. The majority of users on Twitter are from the younger generations, which means there is a lot of opportunities to reach the fast food target audience.

One big reason that the fast food industry benefits greatly from twitter is because they can quickly interact with their customers. With a single tweet they can get them to think about their restaurant when they go get food. Another advantage that twitter has for interacting with their customers is that they have the ability to use it as a customer service tool. For people who would rather not have to call customer service to complain or leave a comment, they can just tweet at them. With a personalized tweets, the restaurant can get back to the person right away. The response can also make the customer feel more connected with the restaurant. Even without a response, 85% of people feel more connected with the brand from just following them on twitter.

Twitter is free to use, so promoting their food with a tweet can be quick and easy to reach the exact audience that they want. Having a twitter account is also less cost effective and is easier to quickly connect with their target audience. Tweets do not take up a great deal of time as traditional marketing would take to create. So any restaurant or B2C business that says they don’t have time for social media is missing out on a big opportunity to grow their business. 

With an audience of young adults, they also have the opportunity to be witty and humorous. Twitter users at that age tend to want to follow humorous accounts which helps keep their brand in their target market’s minds. Even if the business wants to tweet in a formal and professional way, people will still end up following the brand. The average user on Twitter follows at least 5 brands and a quarter of people who are on twitter are from the age range of 18-34. So not utilizing Twitter would only hurt a fast food restaurant. 


College as Told by ‘The Office’

Even though college has very little to do with the show “The Office” but it is one of the most relatable shows for a college student. The situations that they get into are very similar to what a college student would get into. As much as I want to deny it, I have come to realize that I have become very similar to Michael Scott in the past four years of college.

  1. When you check your bank account after a night out at the bars.


2. Leaving the library after studying for 10 hours.


3. Trying to put your life together on Sunday.


4. When the professor asks “Does everyone understand?”


5. When you find out you didn’t fail your exam.


6. But then you check D2L and look at your other grades.


7. Then you get an email from your professor saying the exam will be curved.


8. When the group project leader texts you to finish your part even though it’s not due until next week.


9. When you check Snapchat the morning after going out and see that you snapchated people you haven’t talked to in 6 years.


10. When no one knows what the plan is for the weekend.


11. When the keg is tapped and you just showed up.


12. When you realize it’s already senior year and about to graduate.


13. All the under agers at a party when the cops come.


14. Trying to connect with the freshman as a senior


15. When there’s a word count requirements for your paper.


16. When you get your first job offer.

3 Things That Should Have Stayed in 2016

2016 was a year to remember although most people would rather want it to be a year to forget. Whether it was because of the Harambe or the election, everyone seemed to mark 2016 as the worst year ever. For me, it was the best year of my life. I turned 21 years old and the Chicago Cubs won the World Series. What more could I ask for? Although I do agree with leaving some trends behind in 2016.

Boomerang Camera

The boomerang camera started to pick up later in the year but is one trend that should have started and ended in 2016. Just about every Instagram story is a boomerang and makes be feel like I’m looking at a newspaper from Hogwarts. Can we all just go back to just taking pictures or videos?


Single Season Netflix Shows

Netflix has been making shows of their own and become very popular. The 8 episodes of Stranger Things were great, for a day. It’d be great if they could release one episode a week so that I don’t watch an entire season in one day then have to wait over a year to watch the next season. The real treasures of Netflix are shows that no one heard of until the show was 7 seasons deep already. If Netflix can do that somehow, that would be a great thing to start doing in 2017.

Taking an “L”

Just about every college student, me included, has used the caption of “Took an L last night but…” for an Instagram caption. It was a great caption to use for someone who went out the night before and probably drank too much. The caption originated from the song “Bounce Back” and has been over used ever sense. It should be left in the song and not your Instagram caption.